Making Scrumptious Memories

Temporarily Closed

Due to the pandemic I am currently putting my business on hold as I have a full time job. I wasn’t getting orders to provide for my family and sustain my business so until further notice, I am not accepting orders.

WE are cupcakes!

We take great pride in the quality and imagination of our cupcakes. We start with the freshest ingredients to create cupcakes that are not only delicious but a celebration of the importance of your event. 

We do more than create delicious and appealing cupcakes. We believe everyone should participate in your celebration. We take fun, mix in a dose of healthy nutrition to create cupcakes to satisfy nearly every dietary need.

  • Gluten Free? Absolutely!
  • Non-Dairy? We have it covered!
  • Vegan? Easy Squeezy!
  • Mini, Regular, or Jumbo? Yes, Yes, Yes!

By the way, we create exceptional traditional cupcakes as well. Do you have a theme for your party or event? We can match it in color, style, or recreate your logo for that special occasion. Let us know what your needs are and we will have your special cupcakes ready for you in short time.


Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer. No matter your sport we will help you cheer on your favorite team with a selection of cupcakes with them in mind!


Make your event memorable with cupcakes that are a little out of the ordinary. Whether your holding a baby shower, bridal party, birthday, or more, we make it FUN!!!


While we like to have fun, we also have a serious side. Our cupcakes can be elegant and well-dressed to be part of the most discerning formal event.

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Special Discounts

15% off Teacher/Student

20% off Military 

50% off Christmas discount (Dec only)

20% off Police/Fire personnel

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